Our Funding Process

The financial aid will be given to only those patients who fit in the eligibility criteria.

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Do you requires funds to treat a poor patient ?

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Who is going to decide whether the couple is eligible for financial aid or not?

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Welcome to
Dr Sadhana Desai Endowment Fund.

Conceptualized by Dr Sadhana Desai - a pioneer in infertility treatment- who initated modern treatment modality of In Vitro Fertilization ( IVF) in India way back in 1984.

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About Dr Sadhana Desai

Dr Sadhana Desai is one of the pioneers to initiate modern infertility treatment in INDIA

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About Endowment Fund

'ISAR Dr Sadhana Desai endowment fund' is conceptualized by Dr Sadhana Desai - a pioneer in infertility treatment in INDIA.

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Rules & Regulations

The IVF centre should signup and register to avail fund assistance for a needy couple.

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About ISAR

ISAR which is established in 1992 is a charitable trust. It is recognized by various international fertility societies. Aim of the society is to create awareness, educate and train fertility specialists to update their skill & knowledge as well as make service available to common people.

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