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Rules and Regulation

  • The IVF centre should signup and register to avail fund assistance for a needy couple.
  • The couple will make physical application to the IVF centre to avail support from 'ISAR Dr Sadhana Desai endowment fund'. The format is attached for the perusal.
  • After initial scrutiny, if couple is eligible, Centre will apply to 'ISAR Dr Sadhana Desai endowment fund' with required documents by the couple in digital format. A thumbnail is provided to access online form to be filled by the centre. Application from the centre should be online only.
  • The application will be scrutinized by trustees within 3 months after receiving duly completed form.
  • After review completion, administrator will convey result to the centre.
  • Centre will send its bank details where money has to be transferred.
  • Centre will give details of money spent along with documents. Complete record will be stored in digital format by administrator.
  • The payment will be made directly to the IVF centre and the receipt will be issued by the centre in the name of 'ISAR Dr.Sadhana Desai Endowment Fund'.
    • 50% of the assistance amount will be disbursed at the initiation of the treatment cycle. 50% will be disbursed at the end of treatment cycle.
    • Taxes including GST if any, applicable on the treatment will be the responsibility of the IVF centre.
  • If one ISAR member owns or operates more than one IVF centres in various parts of India, he/she should inform the fund manager in writing about the ISAR member clinician who is working in respective centre and who will be responsible to handle the application. In case if that clinician leaves the centre, it should be immediately intimated with valid alternative person to the fund manager.